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  • Floor conveyor inverted
  • KEWESTA GmbH liefert seit 1971 Fördertechnik, Antriebstechnik und Kettentechnik an führende Firmen weltweit.

    Floor conveyor inverted

    Overhead Conveyors are the stars in th sky of material flow systems. They transport light to medium weight overhead material, cost effective through manufacturing or paint lines, thereby, overcoming gradients or curves and can be some hundred metres long. Temperatures up to 400° C or explosion-proof zone do not pose a problem for them.

    Beside the ceiling supported option, Kewesta also provide the so-called floor mounted conveyor, which is always applied when there is increased protection need of the components (e.g. clean room).

    In the process, the Kewesta floor mounted conveyor systems take an absolute top-ranking position. Due to the partially patented cardan joint chain, which has proved its worth afresh in thousand conveyor systems every day, Kewesta can overcome even most difficult layouts with little radii, without the chain jerking.

    All 55 Nn chains are pre-stretched before despatch and will not become elongate by in-feed process. This is important as a usual initial elongation of 3% by longer conveyor systems from competitors, will quickly lead to some metre chains, which must be removed piece by piece after a few days and thus delay the start-up of production system unnecessarily.

    Furthermore, Kewesta chains belong to the lightest on the markert. This is particularly important when they operate in temperature ranges and oven. In place, the light weight saves remarkable energy costs as a chain transport considerable amount of heat out of the oven as well. The good Kewesta chains often pay off alone merely by this factor.

    A distinctive feature, Kewesta offers on request, chains in stainless steel which, with high temperature bearings, can even withstand a temperature form up to 400°C or maintenance -free drives which can do entirely without bothersome re-grease.