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KEWESTA GmbH liefert seit 1971 Fördertechnik, Antriebstechnik und Kettentechnik an führende Firmen weltweit.


Kewesta has been supplying materials handling systems and high quality components for chains and drives technology since 1971. Through constantly upgrading, the family-lowned enterprise belongs to the leading suppliers in this market segment today.


Kewesta clients value the high quality which is reflected in all Kewesta products. The receptiveness to innovation which manifests itself for example, in the development of maintenance-free drives or energy-saving chains has, in addition, led to numerous patents.

Initially established as production workshop fo the former FTF, the company has steadily advanced and produce predominantly materials handling systems for the in-house material flow today. We can provide a wide range of materials handling solution from initial concept, design and stimulation of complex system to delivery, installation and the full technical service for our conveyour systems via maintenance contracts.

To be able to guarantee the demanded high availability , we take extra measures in obtaining a high standard raw material. Numerous measurement processes control the intermidiate results during production. The high vertical integration guarantees prompt lead time and distinctive know-how.