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KEWESTA GmbH liefert seit 1971 Fördertechnik, Antriebstechnik und Kettentechnik an führende Firmen weltweit.

Power & Free

When the planned materials flow gets more complicated and a simple overhead conveyor is not sufficient, you immediately focus on the so-called power and free.The name is originally from America and describes the basic idea. Transport units that can engage and disengage itself in a continuously running chain, is running in a double-track arrangement. Wtih the help of Stoppers and switches, versatile possibilities to cope with wide variety of transportation problems similar to a conventional railways originate. Beside, supplementary devices like lifting units and turning stations allow for further performances.

Kewesta Power and Free Systems are based on the outstanding chain features of partially patented cardan joint chains. These are the basis for a possible smoth drive and thus allowing longer conveyor lines with very few drives. Through weight optimised chains or alternatively also maintenance-free drives, operational costs are reduced considerably compared with the competitors' products. High Temperature or load capacity can be easily mastered by this "load" donkey of in-plant materials handling application.

Kewesta's own hight precision combined with aspiring quality requirements guarantee for a high operational availability of the conveyor system also in arduous environmental conditions.

Continuous product development and constant upgrading as well as accurate system design also back up on simulation - upon request, ensure state of the art conveyors to suit the customer needs.

Our installation and sevice technicians as well as reliable technical sevice and maintenance round off the offer from Kewesta Fördertechnik.